The Best Genital Warts Treatment

Genital warts have been known to have multiple causes. It results in ugly warts on the genitals that can be uncomfortable, can bleed, and they can appear or disappear at random.

With genital warts, you do not have to be expressing symptoms to spread it, and it has been connected to a virus called HPV, which women can be vaccinated for.

Most are vaccinated for the spread of HPV that can lead to cervical cancer, an often silent killer.

But many times, those who are infected with HPV do not have breakouts of genital warts. There are over 40 types of HPV, and only one of them causes genital warts.

The Best Genital Warts Treatment

When suffering from genital warts, most people do not even know that they are infected. This is quite common among many different venereal diseases. Some may express it in different ways than others. The only surefire way of course to avoid it is to prevent sexual contact altogether; abstinence is the only way. But for those who are not sure they want to practice total abstinence, many have found that condoms can provide a certain amount of protection.

Some natural books and commercials have suggested that there is a “cure” for genital warts that the natural world has introduced, and the government simply does not want you to know about it. This is false, there is no known “cure for genital warts, even in small and often obscure studies. However, when you do have genital warts, some have found that there are natural treatments that can help you to fight flare-ups and prevent future problems.

A big part of fighting genital warts is diet. This is not surprising at all. Your diet largely expresses itself through every part of the body. If you do not have a proper diet, you will not only have little energy, possible weight gain, and other common problems. You will see more frequent flare-ups of problems such as genital warts. If you eat many fruits and vegetables and foods rich in beta carotene and folic acid, you are far more likely to see better results.

Likewise, if you soak the afflicted area overnight in onion slices covered with salt overnight, applying it on the affected area on a daily basis, many find that it will disappear. You can use a cotton ball, and most have found that 2-3 times daily application works far more efficiently. Others have found that vitamin E oil can also be rather soothing to genital warts outbreaks and help you to speed up natural recovery time.