Cryosurgery, Electrocautery, Trichloracetic Acid – Doctors Advise on Removing Genitals Warts

Removing Genital Warts is possible with numerous options if someone gets infected with it. One of the easiest diagnosing options is your doctor. He can decide if your genital warts are caused due to HPV virus or not. This can be done by just examining the infected area with a blood test. In a case where the lesions are small to be seen, then the area is cleaned with the acetic acid, which turns genital warts white, this helps in identifying the infected area.

Cryosurgery, Electrocautery, Trichloracetic Acid

Genital warts can be treated using the topical medication like Podophyllin, available as a cream or gel; this helps in the breaking of the warts tissue.

This is done at the doctor’s office. If you prefer using the topical medicine at home, then you can apply podofilox or imiquimod. It many takes a few weeks for the topical medicine to be effective. Talk to your doctor if you are pregnant. It is advisable not to use over the counter medications during pregnancy.

Removing Genital Warts quickly at your doctor is done using cryosurgery, which freezes them. The other option is by Electrocautery, which is burning them. The third option is using the Trichloracetic Acid. All these methods are applicable for small lesions or smaller areas. In the case of the bigger warts, the laser treatment can be done. Warts tend to reappear and may need to retreat.

Cantharidin is also used to remove warts; the symptoms vary from person to person. The doctor may also use salicylic acid for removing genital warts. One more option is by burning it or cutting it using laser treatment.

But there is a chance of leaving the scar in this case. To avoid the extremely high cost and inconvenience of going to your doctor for the above-mentioned treatments, there are a few natural treatments for Removing Genital Warts. Not many people are aware that the genital warts are transferable by sharing of towels or other things which come in touch with genital warts. It is very important to remove genital warts under the observation of a doctor. Over the prescription drugs are not recommended.