Identify your Skin Tags before you Remove Them

When does a person get skin tags or acrochordon?

Some people seem to have skin tags since they are born. This can be true in rare cases. In most of the people, skin tags develop during the midlife period. Some think that skin tags form due to the accumulation of skin collagen in various areas of the skin. In America, more than 40% of the population has skin tags. Many of us think this strange problem doesn’t deserve any discussion or close inspection.

Skin Tags

The major areas of the body often get affected by skin tags, including the eyelids and the zones of the breasts. You can also see them under the armpits, where it sweats a lot and in the groins. Skin tags also appear in the areas around the neck and upper chest region, so don’t be surprised when you spot one or two there.

But did you know that there are an enormous number of skin tag sufferers out there desperate for remedies or treatments to get rid of these tags? Another reason that people want to be free from skin tags is their cancerous connotations. But not all skin tags can lead to cancer. It may happen, but very rarely. This depends on the location of the skin tags, the cause of skin tags as well as the rate of growth of the tags. If it suddenly grows at a very fast rate, then you need to be worried. However, do not panic.

Genetics also play a huge role in the formation of skin tags. If your close relative has skin tags, then you might be more susceptible to the formation of skin tags. Your father and your siblings could have skin tags on the same parts of the body. Skin tag structure is also sometimes blamed on the Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome or the polycystic ovarian syndrome. Erratic changes in hormone levels, as well as the development of ovarian cysts in women, lead to irregular monthly periods. That is what we call as polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Identify your Skin Tags before you Remove Them

But there is no need to worry because medical advancements have now addressed this problem through safe remedies.

But obesity is one of the causes. Those who are overweight will have some skin folds in the body. There are more creases. Skin tags tend to appear more in these cases. Skin tags can also be blamed on diabetes.

Skin tags even appear in pregnant women. This can be attributed to the high level of hormonal changes that they go through. Those who have human papillomavirus can also get affected by skin tags.