STD Genital Warts – Male & Female Symptoms

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) among teenagers has increased. It has become a concern not only among parents but also among health care professionals. Many organizations have included genital warts symptoms in sex education in schools and colleges.

Contracting genital warts among teenagers has become the high priority, and it is essential to understand the risk involved. There are various methods of healing genital warts, but the better options would be of avoiding situations of contracting this life altering Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Educating them with common genital warts symptoms, helps in controlling spread of disease can help people who have knowingly or unknowingly contracted this infection.

Genital warts are that a person would start experiencing discomfort around genital area of the body and this is a significant difference between any warts and genital warts. There are cases where people have been diagnosed with an infection in the mouth i.e. Lips or throat and even tongue. This has occurred if someone has had oral sex with the infected partner. Genital warts symptoms take very long time to show up if it has infected internally.

In men at times, it gets unnoticed as it is hidden behind the genital hair or foreskin of the penis. In women, if it gets infected in the vaginal canal or cervix it becomes difficult to diagnose the infection easily. Nevertheless, women are at higher risk than men in contracting HVP. In moist areas and gets easily transmitted during unprotected sex these warts show up.

They are advised to seek immediate medical help if they experience pain during intercourse leading to bleeding or increase in vaginal discharge is noticed. Most common genital warts symptoms are the appearance of a soft mass of flesh, mostly rounded in shape and found are in clusters. Infected person may experience burning, itching, urinary complaints around their genital areas like vagina, vulva, thighs,