Wart Removal Different Solutions Explained with Types

In most cases, wart removal may not be necessary because often warts will go away on their own. Also, warts are usually not a cause for concern even though they are highly contagious. Many people elect to treat warts (Wartrol) or have them removed by a doctor because of their unattractive appearance.  The best method for your wart removal should depend on size, location, and budget.

Common Wart Removal

A Common Wart is a rapid growth of skin caused by the HPV. With several strains of HPV, the one that causes a Common Wart isn’t related to the strand that can cause cancer.

Common Warts will involve the hand and fingers mostly Although warts can appear anywhere on the body. There are different names for warts, depending on their location.  For instance, warts that concern the feet are called Planter Warts and those affecting the public or genitalia is called Genital Warts.

As previously stated, it is common for warts to dissolve on their own.  They aren’t harmful but they can be embarrassing, and therefore people desire to do something about them.

Duct tape to remove a Common Wart has shown to be efficient and cheap. This might seem strange, but many people opt to use this wart removal method. Although it might sound painful, it has nothing to do with ripping the wart off.

Instead, you would place a strip of duct tape cut to size on the wart on your hand or fingers and replace every six days. Soak the area with warm water first before removing the tape for a painless experience. If the wart is still there after the six days repeat the process for another six days and so on.

Plantar Wart Removal

Planter Warts are found mostly under the ball of the foot and on the heel. Still harmless but can cause pain for this highly pressured area.  Treatment or wart removal is recommended when warts interfere with the ability to walk.

Genital Wart Removal

All warts are skin growths somewhere on the body and Genital Warts are skin growths in the pubic area. Likewise, all warts are caused by a strain of the HPV. In the case of Genital Warts, HPV 6 and 11 are directly associated with this sexually transmitted condition.  Even still, these strands for Genital Warts are not those that cause cancer although, without treatment, cancer could progress.

As with all types of warts, Genital Wart removal may not be necessary because they tend to disappear on their own. However, in those cases where warts cause discomfort or are unsightly, removal methods are available. The duct tape method can be used externally in this area but may not be recommended. Wartrol, as well as other topical methods, are safe and effective for Genital Wart removal.

A doctor’s visit would yield methods of wart removal that consist of acid or freezing the wart with nitrogen, which is equally effective after several courses.

Surgery for Wart Removal

In those cases where home remedies and standard doctor visits are not enough to remove warts, surgery or laser treatment is readily used. Your doctor will most likely start with the option that causes the least scarring. However, the following options leave the most scarring compared to the freezing method. Additionally, these methods may be too painful for children and are only recommend for recurring warts or those that are difficult to remove.  The surgical options for wart removal are also the most expensive options.

  • Electrosurgery involves applying electrical current to remove warts.
  • Cutting warts off is another method called curettage.
  • Lasers are also used in surgery to burn off warts with a beam of light.

Warts May Return

No matter the wart remover treatment used, the possibility that a wart will return is likely. This is due to the virus being present in the body still. These methods only treat the surface of the skin and not the virus itself. This should be considered when deciding which wart removal method is best as the cost can be enormous depending on the method chosen.

HPV has no Cure

Although HPV has no cure, there are ways to treat or prevent exposure to it.

  • Take protective measures at all times. Never use towels and other hygiene type utensils of those infected. Likewise, use shower shoes in public showers and saunas.
  • Try not to scratch infected area and wash hands thoroughly before touching other areas of your body
  • Avoid skin to skin contact with those infected
  • Always use a condom during sex
  • The HPV vaccine is effective in preventing Genital Warts and should be received before becoming sexually active. The vaccine is recommended as early as age nine in boys and age 11 in girls.